Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Introducing Myself To The Blogger Community!

Hello, Everyone! 

Some of you know me from my other blog on Wordpress! If you do, welcome back! I'm glad you continued to follow me even after moving, thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot! For those of you who don't know me, welcome to this blog! 

I decided to move from Wordpress, to here. Don't get me wrong Wordpress was a good starting platform but I was only able to gain 30 followers from doing it for a year and the best views I ever got in one day was 43. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate all of my followers but I feel like this platform may help me spread out even further, which I would really appreciate and for what I intend to do, it would be really helpful for all the stuff I intend to do but more on that later! 

Basically, you guys can all call me Bravo or Bravocube at least for now! I write for Comic Frontline which is another awesome thing on blogger you can check out right here! I do a weekly anime review segment for that website which will go up on here as well from now on.

I am a writer and am working on my own projects as well as writing fanfiction and the weekly articles! I hope to have my very first project done by the end or close to the end of 2017 which I am very excited about! I will be finished with High School entirely this year since I am currently a senior and that's another thing I'm really excited about! With all the time and less pressure with school being finished, that dream of my first project being out in 2017!

I am a huge fan of anime as my Myanimelist profile will tell you! I am also a huge fan of TMNT, Marvel, and love playing video games, especially the Japanese ones, of course, haha. I also do Youtube videos! Haven't lately but I intend to do more, especially finishing the Amnesia Memories playthrough I started since it was so well received!

To summarize you will see personal blog posts about my life and such, typical stuff you'd find on a blog. You'll also see lots of my writing since I intend to do more of that and my reviews and opinions on stuff.

I will also try to promote other artists and stories I love as well, of course, you will also see my weekly anime review so not much has changed except the platform! Hope you enjoy my blog! Thank you for reading and if you want to feel free to leave a comment! I intend to answer all or as many comments as I can as well!